Lypossage is a non-invasive clinically proven massage technique that uses proprietary techniques to help you smooth out your skin. It detoxifies your body of years of built-up wastes and toxins, making you feel better. Reshapes your figure without invasive surgery. When use in conjunction with our body sculpting program an average record shows inch loss of 8 inches or more.

Lypossage stimulates production of elastin and collagen, also tones the muscles, lifting and firming sagging tissue. The treatment is a specific blend of massage modalities that derive from physical therapy, including deep lymphatic drainage and deep tissue release.

What is a lymphatic drainage system?

The lymphatic system is the body’s waste disposal. It’s job, in part, is to remove bacteria, cellular debris, excess water, proteins and wastes from the connective tissue to stop the tissues from puffing up, thereby keeping a balance of fluid in the body.




Vacuum massage is a non-invasive massage technique performed with a mechanical device that lifts the skin by means of suction. Vacuum massage therapy is used for cellulite reduction and body shaping. This causes a local rush of blood and lymph through the skin from deep lying tissues, therefore; smoothing the hypodermic fat layer and makes the skin become more elastic. Vacuum massage is believed to be one of the most trusted and efficient treatment against cellulite.


- Improves Circulation of Blood and Lymphatic Drainage - Effective against Cellulite -  Body Shaping Sculpt Silhouette - Transports Fat Cells Into Working Muscles Where They Can Be Burnt Off - Tones and Smooths Skin



Aromatherapy massage is a massage therapy using massage oil or lotion that contains essential oils (highly concentrated plant oils).

During an aromatherapy massage, you inhale these essential oil molecules or absorb them through your skin. They are thought to promote beneficial changes in your mind and body by affecting the limbic system, a region of the brain known to influence the nervous system.